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It is very rewarding providing food from our back yard to people all over Saskatchewan. We are very proud to do what we do, and the greatest reward is the thanks we get back from our customers.

M&M Garlic came about in 1996. We started growing 35 lbs. The first few years, we planted, weeded, and harvested all by hand.


Now we plant about 1200 lbs with a seeder made by Dave with some ideas from some neighbors. All the garlic is planted in double rows, 12" between the rows.


We used facilities at the Food Centre in Saskatoon to help develop large batch recipes for the few products we were doing. Since then, we have developed new recipes and techniques in our own facilities.


We process about 15,000 jars in a year and harvest about 5000 lbs of garlic. Our original building was built in 2002. It is 1200 sq ft with a commercial kitchen. In 2008, we built on an additional 4000 sq ft to our garlic building to include more storage space and possibly better storage facilities.


We take our products to many shows throughout the year, so be sure to stop in and look us up. CLICK HERE to find out where and when.

 Phone Orders are always welcome. Call us at 1+(306) 276-2518 and please leave a message. If we are unavailable when you call, be sure to leave your name & number and we will get back to you right away.

Krista & Dave McBain - ??? Award 2006

Our line of products has specialty garlic items like pickled garlic, garlic jelly, dried garlic, pickled scapes (the stem of the garlic) and fresh minced garlic.


We added to the line up to attract customers that may not want just garlic. Items such as pickled carrots, cucumbers, beans, asparagus, and sugar snap peas are now available. Our fall times are very busy with everything coming within a very short window.



Our Story:

SINCE 1996

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